Unique / Unikaty

Flower brooch pendants:

Unique Ambers – jewelry with unique, selected ambers:

Treasures of nature – unique jewelry with gemstones

Traveler – jewelry inspired by countries from around the world.

Jewelry participated in the Royal Stone 2018 jewelry competition.

China pendant
Australian necklace
Mexican necklace
Kenyan necklace
Indian necklace
Dutch necklace
Spanish necklace
Necklace inspired by Poland
Necklace inspired by Poland
Necklace inspired by Polish folk culture
A necklace inspired by Russia
Necklace inspired by Morocco
A necklace inspired by North America
A necklace inspired by Japan

Individual orders

Necklace for Anna
Kite necklace
Kite necklace
Lotus flower necklace
Rose skull necklace
Rose skull necklace
A brooch for climbers
Nanga Parbat brooch „Silence”
Manaslu brooch